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Top 15 PTC (Paid-To-Click) Websites

Today's post can seem a little bit strange. It is about best paying "get paid to click" websites or in other words bux sites. But do not let this topic deceive you. If you think that you can't be earning money online with PTC sites, then you have been wrong all this time. Today I'd like to reveal some secrets about how to make money online with paid-to-click opportunities.

To start making money with bux sites, first you should understand several things:

1) You CAN be earning a lot of money with paid-to-click sites. Period.

ptc earnings

2) Practically all paid-to-click websites ONLY pay via either Alertpay or Paypal. If you don't have an account with any of these two, you should create them first. Here are the links for your convenience:

3) If any PTC suggests a HIGH BID for viewing ads ("high bid" is everything more than $0,05 per view), then this site is a SCAM, do not deal with it. You should use only those bux sites that have proved themselves over the time (see the list of the most trusted and best-paying PTC websites below)

4) In most cases you won't be paid INSTANTLY. Even if you reached the minimum payout (usually $2-$10) and have requested withdrawal, it can take up to 30 days for the money to reach your e-wallet. Unfortunately, these are the terms of most bux site, take them into account. However the terms can vary depending on the chosen bux (payouts can be instant as well). That's why I always insist on reading "terms of service" before joining another PTC website.

5) Do NOT try to cheat. Otherwise your account will be instantly and permanently deleted. This article is all about "white hat" bux earnings. It has nothing to do and is against different kinds of autoclickers or any other ways of cheating. If you'd like to use them, do it at your own risk.

6) You WON'T earn much money just clicking on ads and reading e-mails only by YOURSELF. You MUST refer people or purchase referrals (highly recommended) to raise your earnings significantly. A lot of bux sites allow you to purchase referrals with the money you've earned from them. So I always suggest spending your first earnings to buy referrals and this way to boost your monthly total PTC income considerably.

7) Besides you MUST stick to an efficient and proven strategy to make really big money with paid-to-click websites. And you don't have to reinvent the wheel here; there is already a so-called perfect strategy which I will give you a link to just below. I'm using it myself and have to say it really pays itself off. You'll see the proof as well.

Now let's turn to the question of "how to make money online with PTC websites".

I am not going to write some kind of treatise in this article. I will just direct you to what I have already created. Here's the link to the PTC Profit guide which teaches the best and fastest way to reap the hell out of bux sites => [Get PTC Profit Boost Guide]

I guarantee you that it works hundred percent. Just don't forget to say "thank you" after you get your first crazy payout. Remember that you have the opportunity to spend the money you've earned with any taken bux to advertise on this particular bux. So if you are in need of traffic, leads and sales just do not cash out and spend your earned funds on advertising (hot links, banners, textual ads etc).

Finally, here's the list of 15 best paying and most trusted paid-to-click websites presented on the web at the moment. You won't find any other more profitable as well as sustainable. So, no-scam, risk-free and guaranteed-paying PTC sites are:

1) ClixSense - Elite PTC since 2007!

  • Click: $0.01 -Ref click: $0.002 -Ads daily: 8
  • Earn up to: -Click: $0.02 -Ref click: $0.008 -Ads daily: 30
  • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited -Up to: Unlimited - 8 Levels Deep
  • Payout: 10$ Check/AP/PP Weekly on Mondays
  • Earn from receiving active referral for 'Premium' members: $0.25
  • Earn from referral upgrade: $2 -Up to: $2 + $1 from 7 more Levels
  • Earn from referral purchasing ads: 10%
2) WordLinx - Very Trusted PTC site! Over 9 years ONLINE!

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
  • Click: $0.01 -Ref click: 3% - 10 Levels Deep -Ads daily: 4
  • Earn up to: -Click: $0.02 -Ref click: 10% - 10 Levels Deep -Ads daily: 5
  • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited - 10 Levels Deep
  • Payout: $10 AP/PP Instant
  • Earn from receiving referral: $0.01
  • Earn from Referral Upgrades: $0 -Up to: $1.00
3) Scarlet Clicks - One of the best BUX in the world! Paying since 2009!

Scarlet Clicks
  • Click on ads and get paid up to 0.01$ each
  • Complete sign up offers for free sites and receive 5-25 cents
  • Paid to Promote - get up to 0.20$ CPM
  • 40% DOWNLINE EARNINGS! (Up to 100% for Upgraded members!)
  • Minimum payout - $1,02 to Alertpay or 0,3$ to Paypal. Receive within 24-72 hours!
4) BuxP - Elite BUX site with many ads per day. Over 3 years online!

  • Click: $0.001-$0.006 -Ref click: $0.0005-$0.003 -Ads daily: 40
  • Earn up to: -Click: $0.011 -Ref click: $0.006 -Ads daily: 60
  • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited
  • Payout: $7.99 AP/PP 30 business days/Instant
5) Bux-Matrix - Elite BUX pays since 2008! GOLD ONLY $12 FOR LIFETIME!

  • Click: $0.004 -Ref click: $0.002 -Ads daily: 4
  • Earn up to: -Click: $0.01 -Ref click: $0.005 -Ads daily: 10
  • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited -Up to: Unlimited - 12 Levels Deep
  • Payout: 2$ AP 7 business days
  • Earn from reading mails: $0.004 per mail Up to: $0.01 per mail
  • Earn from receiving new referral: Up to: $0.05
  • Earn from referral upgrade: $0.50 -Up to: $2 + $0.50 from 12 Levels
6) BuxiFy - an innovative, international advertising Profit-Sharing company; online since May the 1st 2008.

  • $5.00 BuxifY Dollars Signup Bonus 
  • 10% Referral Commission
  • Earn up to 130% Back
  • Daily Cashout
  • 10 Levels of Membership
  • Forum for members
  • Dedicated Support Desk
7) Clicksia - One of two Best PTC Aurora's ever! More than 3 years ONLINE.

  • Click: $0.001 - $0.005 -Ref click: 10% -Ads daily: 10-20
  • Earn up to: -Click: $0.005 -Ref click: 100% -Ads daily: 70-90
  • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited
  • Payout: 1$ AP/PP 7 business days
  • Purchase price for 'Paid To Click Credits': 1000 views - 3$
  • Purchase price for 'Paid To Sign Up Offer Credits': 20 signups - 5$
  • Purchase price for 'Banner Rental Days': 7 days - 20$
8) PTCBOX - a brand-new paid-to-click website which was just launched in early 2012. However the admin is an experienced and highly trusted guy, that's why it takes 8 place in this list.

  • Get Paid to click - Earn up to $0.10 per visit
  • Get Paid to sign up - Earn up to $100 for each offer
  • Get paid instantly - Payments within seconds!
  • Get Paid to refer - Earn up to 0.5 cents per referral visit
  • Up to 6% for the signup offers completed by referrals
  • Up to 20% for the upgrades in your downline
  • Get 30 cents for every referral who reaches $3
  • Get paid via Paypal or Alertpay - Low $2 payout limit
9) Incentria - The second PTC Aurora's website. Awesome!

  • Click: $0.001 - $0.005 -Ref click: 10% -Ads daily: 10-20
  • Earn up to: -Click: $0.005 -Ref click: 100% -Ads daily: 70-90
  • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited
  • Payout: 1$ AP/PP 7 business days
  • Purchase price for 'Paid To Click Credits': 1000 views - 3$
  • Purchase price for 'Paid To Sign Up Offer Credits': 20 signups - 5$
  • Purchase price for 'Banner Rental Days': 7 days - 20$
10) IconBux - Wondeful BUX site with instant payments! Above all it's a REGISTERED company!

Gif Banner 2
  • Click: $0.01 -Ref click: $0.001 -Ads daily: 4
  • Earn up to: -Click: $0.01 -Ref click: $0.01 -Ads daily: 12
  • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited
  • Payout: $2 AP/PP Instant
11) OpenBux - OpenBux is a place where you can earn an extra income every month, from home, without spending much time and effortlessly.

  • Up to $0.02 per ad view
  • Up to $0.02 per referral ad view
  • Referrals rent
  • Detailed statistics with graphics of your gains
  • Instantly payouts and purchases. Ask and receive!
  • Minimum payout of $2
12) LogiPTC - PTC site with merely unlimited ads! You can install toolbar o get even more ads!

Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC
  • Click: $0.01 -Ref click: 10% -Ads daily: Unlimited
  • Earn up to: -Click: $0.02 -Ref click: 10% -Ads daily: Unlimited
  • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited
  • Payout: $5 PP Once a Week
13) DonkeyMails - one of the most reliable and oldest ptc sites. Upgrade starting at only $7.50. No Minimum Payout
  • Get Paid for Clicking on ads
  • Earn Cash Reading Daily eMails
  • Get Paid for sign-ups more then $250 to earn + Daily New offers!
  • Earn extra money playing games
  • Payout: Low $1 for Paypal and Alertpay; $2.50 Solidtrustpay; No minimum for Okpay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve. Payouts are be made each 2 weeks!
  • 5 levels Referral commission. Only 10% activity required for Referral earnings!
14) AyuWage - very good paid-to-click website. Online since 2009. Has a lot of ads to browse!

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys
  • Click: $0.005(10 credits) -Ref click: 10% -Ads daily: Unlimited
  • Earn up to:-Click:$0.015(30 credits) -Ref click:10% -Ads daily:Unlimited
  • Direct referrals limit: Unlimited
  • Payout: $5 (10000 credits) AP/PP/LR in 5 days
15) Hits4Pay - a very old 100% free reputable site with a low cash-out of $25 via PayPal or Check. Hits4Pay shares its ad revenue with it's members. We are one of the highest paying paid to programs online. Signup for your free account today and receive $5 as a bonus in your account instantly. It's free and easy!


Besides all mentioned above there exists a unique and exclusive online business opportunity of establishing and managing YOUR own PTC site. The ROI (return on investment) is very high in this business sphere. You can start from as low as $25/month for a "business in a box" - complete ready-made bux website based on NextGen PTC script (including .com free domain name registration, free DDoS protected webhosting and full technical support!) This can easily become your main way of making money online and the major source of income to live a life. If interested, click on the Virtapay button below.

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In conclusion I'd like to wish you good luck with bux mastery and high earnings in this field of online business. If you know any other paid-to-click websites that do pay and are sustainable, please, let me know here in comments. Or if you just have any questions, you are also welcome to ask them below. Your reviews are always highly appreciated. 

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